Pitchfork Music Blog Review

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to review Pitchfork because it is such an influential music blog. Pitchfork is actually what made me interested in music journalism and I’ve said on multiple occasions that working for Pitchfork would be pretty cool.



The Good

I love the best new music tab. Anytime I want to find some new music, that tab is my first stop. Being able to choose either best new tracks or best new albums is super convenient and allows me to pick exactly what I want.

Another thing I really appreciate about Pitchfork is the inclusivity of their music choices. They review every genre of music, from rap to experimental. Pitchfork definitely has the hipster vibe going on so my first thought was that they wouldn’t review mainstream pop artists like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. However, I was wrong and they review quite a few artists.

OVER/UNDER. I love it so much. Over/Under is a video segment that Pitchfork produces. They feature an artist and have them rate various things as either overrated or underrated. It’s usually pretty hilarious and interesting. I like how it lets me see my favorite artists as real people with specific mannerisms and opinions.

The Bad

I really only have one major criticism about Pitchfork and it goes back to the hipster vibe. Many of their reviews have a very pretentious attitude. Occasionally I get the feeling the author is really into themselves and very impressed with their own music taste. Portlandia did an episode where they made fun of Pitchfork and the way that Pitchfork thinks it is God’s gift to music and it was very accurate and hilarious. While they do post reviews of mainstream artists like Justin Bieber, the reviews are pretty harsh. Check out what they said about JB’s new album, Purpose.

To Wrap It Up

As you can see, I mostly have great things to say about Pitchfork. I love Pitchfork and I’m a frequent visitor to the site. Luckily, the pretentious reviews don’t scare me away because sometimes my music taste is a little uppity as well.




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