My Blogging Experience

I had such a great time blogging this last semester. Dale mentioned in lecture that blogging is a passion project and I learned exactly how true that is. Keeping a blog about music and makeup/skincare reminded me how important it is to dedicate some of your time to things you love. Music is just about my favorite thing in the world so having an outlet through which I could share my thoughts was wonderful. The blog reviews throughout the semester were my favorite assignments to work on.

Honestly, I didn’t implement as many of the WordPress tool as I should have. I got a lot of use out of connecting my Twitter to my blog so my new posts were automatically publicized through Twitter. However, I wish there was a way to have each promotion on twitter automatically include the title of the post and a couple hashtags. Instead I had to go and manually edit each promotion tweet. I had a few problems with the “add media” feature. A few times I had trouble uploading my photos to my posts and kept receiving an error message.

In the future I would like to organize my blog a little better. My topic was music and makeup/skincare, but I didn’t even mention the makeup/skincare aspect until my last couple posts because I got so absorbed with the music aspect. I would also like to include more photos or videos from concerts or festivals that I attended. I would like to be a music journalist one day, so keeping a blog about music would be a great thing to display my skills and add to my resume. The automatic twitter promotions would be a great feature to utilize professionally. I could share my blog posts to my business twitter. Tags and categories would be another great tool to use professionally. I noticed that tags really helped my posts gain views so adding tags to posts could help me build a greater audience.

I had a couple weeks where I had a large spike in visitors and views. The week of February 6th I had 14 views and 10 visitors. The week of April 24th I had 14 views and 12 visitors. My “Welcome to my blog!” post had 12 views which was the most I ever received. I believe this is because I used several popular tags. This could also be due to other bloggers hoping to gain a follow or some kind of interaction from my blog. I got 8 views on my “Currents by Tame Impala review” post which was a little surprising to me because that week wasn’t one of my most popular weeks. However, after some thought I realized this could be because I sent the link to that post to my mom and dad because I was proud of it. My Twitter promotions added to my blog traffic just a little bit. I had 1 view that was because of a twitter referral.



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