How to Be a Human Being by Glass Animals review

Background Info

I have so many emotions about this album and I am so excited to get them all out. This is my favorite album right now. If I have my headphones in, theres a 95% chance I’m listening to HTBAHB. This is the second full-length album that Glass Animals has released and you can tell they’ve grown up a little since Zaba. Dave Bayley is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and producer of the group and he writes the majority of the songs. Bayley stated that each song on HTBAHB was attempting to tell a different character’s story. Every song on this album, with the exception of the 36 second transition song “[Premade Sandwiches]”, is filled with gut-wrenching emotion that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.


cielodlp via Glass Animals- Dave Bayley

Stand-out Tracks

Season 2 Episode 3

This song is about a girl that lays around all day in dirty clothes getting stoned and eating mayonnaise out of the jar. The lyrics aren’t quite as hard-hitting as some of the other tracks on this album, however, S2E3 outshines the rest of the tracks just based on how pleasing it is to hear. This song begins with the lyrics “Don’t you need me baby boy/ ‘Cause I’m so happy without your noise” and immediately dives into a really catchy beat that continues for the rest of the song. Those beginning lyrics are repeated many times in the song and enhances whatever line follows that phrase. This track was my favorite when I first started listening to this album.


This song is so interesting because of its bitter-sweet tone. It sounds so upbeat but it makes your heart ache at the same time. The song is from the perspective of a mother who lost a child in an awful way. The mother is sad but happy about the memories they once had. In Dave Bayley’s own words: “That combination of emotions kind of made me feel like my heart was being ripped apart but also optimistic in a weird way.” The bittersweet tone is what really characterizes this track. Each of the verses is melancholy but when you get to the chorus, you just want to sing and dance around. Bayley created a website for the character of this track.


This song is something else and after listening to the album several times, it is my favorite song on the album. This is one of those songs that hit me so hard and I cried my eyes out when I first sat down and really listened to it. Bayley claimed this is the saddest  song he’s ever written and ever will write. This track is such a paradox because the melody is positive and upbeat but the lyrics make me feel like someone is stabbing me a million times with a blunt knife. One line in particular really got to me: “You see the sad in everything/ A genius of love and loneliness and/ this time you overdid the liquor/ this time you pulled the fucking trigger.” I’ve probably listened to Agnes over 50 times at this point and I still get chills after hearing that line. It hurts my heart and makes me feel so many emotions. This is the song that closes the album and it is the perfect closer.

The Other Side of Paradise

I was only planning on reviewing my three favorite tracks but as I was writing this post, The Other Side of Paradise started playing and I couldn’t resist including my thoughts on this track. I like how this song is about such a specific situation but I still feel connected to it because of Bayley’s lyrics and odd beat for this song. Another reason this track is relatable is because it captures the pain of a breakup really well, even though this song is about an extreme situation. This track is about someone whose significant other moved west to get famous. Leading up to the climax, Bayley’s voice has an urgent tone which adds to the emotion of the peak of this track. The line at the very climax of the song goes, “I think its over now/ I think the bullet hit but maybe not/ I feel so fucking numb,” and right when he says he feels numb I always get goosebumps and and get this super anxious feeling in my stomach.

To Wrap it Up

The reason I love this album so much is because the whole point of art is to evoke an emotional reaction in the viewer. Bayley succeeds on all fronts and makes me feel all the emotions in the world. I only covered my very favorite songs,  however, every song on this album is amazing and well worth the listen.  This album stands out from the mass-produced, mediocre, and meaningless music that is played on radio stations like 96.7 KISS FM because of its depth and the thought that Bayley put into each track.



LCD Soundsystem at ACL 2016

LCD Soundsystem headlined Austin City Limits last October. They closed the festival, playing at 8pm on Sunday night. LCD Soundsystem is fronted by James Murphy. I feel like a lot of people don’t realize the gravity of LCD Soundsystem headlining ACL. The reason this is so awesome is because the band has been broken up since 2011. Then in 2016, 4 years later, Murphy was like, “Hey guys, we’re back and we’re going to headline ACL! Surprise!”


As you can see, the sunset was gorgeous above the stage.  LCD played at the same time as Mumford and Sons and I was stunned by the amount of people that made the poor decision to see Mumford instead of LCD Soundsystem. The field in front of the stage wasn’t too crowded which was actually really nice. My friend and I were at a really good place in the crowd because the people weren’t packed in like sardines so we had room to set our bag down and spread out a little. I’m glad other people missed out by choosing Mumford and Sons so my experience at the concert was better.

Songs That Stood Out to Me

Murphy opened with grammy-nominated “Daft Punk is Playing in My House” (DPIPIMH) which was a no-brainer. This song is a great opener for several reasons. The main reason DPIPIMH works well for an opener is because it is a very well known song, which was demonstrated by the audience’s deafening cheer as soon as the first few notes were played. I’ve noticed that artists generally try to play a song they know is a crowd-pleaser for openers and closers. Another reason this is a good opener is because this is LCD Soundsystem’s only song nominated for a grammy. Murphy was most likely trying to remind people of how well this song did during its time.

The most ear-catching song for me was “Get Innocuous!” for one specific reason. Nancy Whang is a member of the band and she has a few lines in that song that caught me off guard with how good it sounded. About 4 minutes and 15 seconds into the song Nancy sings, “you can normalize, don’t it make you feel alive.” She repeats that line several times. I remember hearing that during the concert, getting goosebumps, and feeling the need to look up and pinpoint exactly who was singing those words. Her voice is very clear and pleasing to the ear. Her part in the song was very refreshing and added an interesting twist to the dynamic.

Finally, my favorite song to hear live was “Someone Great.” Murphy chose to close with this song which I thought was a great choice. Something I really enjoy about all of LCD Soundsystem’s songs is that they are all long and the vocals don’t start until a couple minutes in. The instrumental introduction to “Someone Great” is really great dance music and just sounds amazing. During that song I noticed that almost every single member of the audience was dancing or at least moving a little to the music. That feeling when you can tell everyone else is just as into the music is unique; it sounds dumb to say out loud, but if you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand. “Someone Great” was the best possible song Murphy could have chosen to close with because it is great dance music, it’s catchy, and it really showcases the true talent of the band. I left the concert feeling so alive and writing this is making me want to go back!






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